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CropLife Canada and Soy Canada Join CAFTA Board 

June 28, 2023

Ottawa, ON – June 28, 2023 –Dan Darling, President of the Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance (CAFTA) today issued the statement below regarding the addition of CropLife Canada and Soy Canada to the CAFTA board.


“On behalf of the CAFTA Board, we are pleased to announce the addition of two new members: CropLife Canada and Soy Canada. These members complement our diverse board and strengthen our agricultural alliance to advocate for free and open trade,” stated CAFTA President Dan Darling.


CropLife Canada represents the Canadian manufacturers, developers and distributors of pest control and modern plant breeding products. “CropLife Canada is committed to maximizing Canadian agriculture’s export potential. To this end, we’re pleased to join CAFTA to support its advocacy for a more open and fair international trading environment for Canadian agriculture and agri-food products,” said Émilie Bergeron, Vice President of Chemistry of CropLife Canada.


“Canadian agriculture supports global food security by providing high quality, sustainably produced food, and feed for the world. CAFTA’s advocacy for rules-based trading systems and the elimination of nontariff trade barriers are critical to helping Canadian agriculture continue to innovative, grow and thrive” added Bergeron.


Soy Canada is a national association representing every group involved in the development, production, handling, processing, and transport of Canadian soybeans.


“Soy Canada is happy to be back with export focused allies around the CAFTA table. Our industry is acutely aware that we need to work together to improve Canada’s trade policy and our access to international markets” said Brain Innes, Executive Director of Soy Canada.


Émilie Bergeron and Brian Innes will serve as Directors at the CAFTA Board. As of June 2023, the CAFTA membership represents twelve different agricultural associations.


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