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Opinion Pieces & Updates- 2023

Letter to Senators: Request that you reject Bill C-282

October 31st, 2023: C-282 is profoundly contrary to the national interest of a trading country like Canada. As was stated in an open letter issued on October 23 by a group of the finest trade negotiators to have represented Canada over the past decades, “The Bill would seriously handicap Canadian Governments – irrespective of their political affiliation -- and their trade negotiators to accommodate the give-and-take of future trade negotiations to open up new markets and secure valued access for Canadian products, services and investments.”

June 21st, 2023: CAFTA members are profoundly disappointed the House of Commons have voted to pass Bill C-282 on third reading. In doing so, Members of Parliament have chosen to entrench protectionism and favour one economic sector above all others

June 20th, 2023: Canadian agri-food exporters, representing the 90% of Canadian farmers, producers, food manufacturers and agri-food businesses who depend on trade write to respectfully urge you to oppose Bill C-282 An Act to amend the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Act (supply management) on June 21, 2023, for third reading. 

June 20th, 2023: CAFTA members, who represent 90% of Canadian farmers, as well as agri-food exporters, urge all Members of Parliament to put Canadians first by voting against Bill C-282 this evening. By not doing so, MPs will be choosing to entrench protectionism as official Canadian trade policy.

May 5th, 2023: 

1 - C-282 runs counter to Canada’s long-standing trade policy and will hurt Canada during trade negotiations

2 -C-282 erodes Canada’s credibility as a leading voice for free and open trade

3- C-282 is bad policy for a highly diversified economy like Canada’s

4 -C-282 is bad from a food security perspective

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