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CAFTA - 25+ Years of Advocating for Canadian Agrifood

CAFTA was formed in late 1997 to strengthen the voice of Canadian agriculture and food exporters in international trade. Initially, CAFTA was organized as an informal coalition of trade-oriented producers and industry groups. CAFTA was incorporated in 2003.

Today, CAFTA is a coalition of national organizations that work together to seek a more open and fair international trading environment for agriculture and agrifood.  Members represent farmers, producers, processors, marketers, and exporters from Canada’s major trade-dependent agri-food sectors.  


Each CAFTA member is entitled to nominate one director to sit on the CAFTA Board of Directors.


CAFTA ensures that the interests of its members are effectively represented in international trade negotiations through cooperation with federal, provincial, and international governments and national and international industry groups.


For over 25 years, CAFTA members have worked together to advocate for a more open and fair international trading environment that benefits Canadians, and the agriculture value chain, from farmers and ranchers to processors and exporters.

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